Kitchen Management, Organization & Optimization

Enlighten your Kitchen...

Based on industry experience and influenced by similar principles to feng shui, this service assists with maximizing efficiency, serenity and enjoyment in your kitchen space.

Professional Tier:
This service is perfect for restaurant owners, food truck operators, caterers, ghost & commissary kitchen owners who need:

*to ensure they are operating according to industry standards

*to ensure they are up to code

*are running out of space and storage

*need to reorganize their space for efficiency and safety

*need interim on-site kitchen management services

*need to build out 3rd party delivery service strategy

*need help training staff


Private Tier:
This service is perfect for those moving into a new home, going through a renovation or simply desiring a refresh to create an organized serene space.
private kitchen services may include:

*clutter removal & cleansing

*appliance and cookware repositioning

*fridge, freezer & pantry clearing/audit

*restocking services (includes shopping)

*aesthetic and functional design services

To get started, book an introductory call here:

Be sure to write “Kitchen Management” in the description and leave your telephone number. Leave any details about how you are desiring to upgrade your kitchen.

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