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Looking for an interactive adult dinner party that will challenge your senses and leave you pining for more? Look no further.
We invite you to join and have the best experience with the best full course meal! You’ll get a full course meal with an interactive component–the goal being that it’ not about the food but also about how you experience it. We’ll have five senses in play throughout the course of the event, from sight to smell, to touch, taste and even sound!

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Satisfy Your Hunger for Experience with Ayo Black Girl.

Our Five Senses Activation Experience have a surprise treat with you all. We are collaborating with Ayo Black Girl this coming December 09, 2022, at 6:00PM to 9:00 PM. Book your spot by checking out the link below.

We’ve got an evening planned that will literally take you on an adventure through your five senses– and you’re going to love it!

Book here for Five Senses with Ayo Black Girl

About us

The Five Senses Experience

Get lost for a night in Chef Joy’s immersive, multi sensory multi-course twist on an adult dinner party. Designed to stimulate consciousness around our 5 senses (hint: there are blindfolds involved!); We find ways to pique and titillate your senses all while dazzling your tastebuds, of course.

Chef guides the evening courses and conversation around the ideal of mastering our five senses and thus our inner experiences. We isolate each sense and recombine them throughout the evening – observing and discussing how each one contributes to our enjoyment of the meal and overall enjoyment of life.

The idea is that applying this awareness to all areas of life will naturally lead us to extract the most delicious richness from our life experience. The intention is that each attendee leaves inspired to apply the wise insights of the evening to their daily lives.

Chef invites you to let your hair down, express yourself and savor the gift of presence, connection and exquisite food. Not to mention the ultra-sexy, ultra-exclusive private speakeasy location.


Event Series

  • The Five Senses Activation: Interactive Dinner Party

    Every Fridays & 6PM – 9PM

  • The Five Senses Activation with AYO BLACK GIRL

    December 09, 2022 6PM- 9PM

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