Meet with Chef Joy

Using her background in health sciences as well as her professional experience and personal wellness journey, Chef Joy provides useful fact-based, experience-based and anecdotal wisdom that covers a variety of topics regarding health, foods, herbs, human physiology, and the intersection of food and wellness.

Her overall goal is to demystify the food and wellness world – helping you to surpass the common industry tactics of jargon/fear mongering – and empower yourself with information instead.

She will assess your specific concerns and work with you to draw conclusions and create a plan that applies directly to your journey. We go as far as you prefer. Consultations are supported by documentation and research when relevant.

Session Topic Examples:

  • how to make food decisions & accountability

  • mindful eating practices

  • time & budget-saving meal planning strategy

  • properties of foods, herbs, illnesses, etc.

  • understanding your biology/physiology

  • transitioning to a primarily plant-based lifestyle

  • increasing your recipe library

  • starting/managing a food business

  • general wellness & intuitive guidance

  • Price: $150/hour

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